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We Are The Chase

Rashaad Jamal Pressley was born in Miami, Florida in 1985. He moved to Atlanta, GA in 1998 and attended Georgia Institute of Technology. He currently resides in Atlanta. Jamal has always had an interest in music. Learning how to play piano at the age of 6, he continued playing different instruments throughout school. During high school, he discovered a software sequencing program called Fruity Loops and taught himself to program beats. He drew his inspiration from many musical influences, including jazz, hip hop, classical and reggae music. Jamal worked on songs with several local groups and for a short time was affiliated with a production team called GHOP (Georgia’s Hottest Original Producers). More recently he’s had the chance to work with Grammy award winning producer, Sim Stevenson


Murphy II is a songwriter, producer and engineer. He was raised in a very musical family in metro-Atlanta, GA.  By the age of six, he was singing solos in the church choir. Throughout junior high and college, he traveled throughout the United States and abroad, performing with highly renowned choirs. While attending college in Huntsville, AL, he began an internship with Sound Cell Recording Studios where he learned how to produce as well as engineer from Doug Jansen Smith who has worked with many highly established artists. Upon completion of college, he returned to Atlanta and began an internship with Bruce Bennett at Bruce Bennett Studios in Stone Mountain, GA who also has worked with many prominent artists. Bruce became a great influence by helping shape his production and engineering skills while encouraging him to become creative in his writing. He has a strong love for Hip Hop that dates back to the early 90’s where he was influenced by many poetic artists of that era. This love has helped him breed a distinctive, unique yet smooth and captivating sound.


Paul Jones was born in Jacksonville FL. (DUVAL). He started writing when he was a teenager.  As a child, he would recite poems and scriptures in church.  Most of the poetry was written by his aunt.  As Paul grew older, he started constructing personal poems and began searching for his own writing and performance style.  As time progressed, he added a hip hop approach to his poetic prose.  This led to freestyling, writing rhymes and lyrical battles with friends in high school.  While in college, Paul joined a spoken word group called Art-n-Soul.  This organization played a crucial role in his writing style and performance development.


After moving to Atlanta, GA, Paul got more involved with music and writing.  He helped start a short lived band called “Alter Ego” with Jeremiah Turner and Maeling Tapp.   He came in contact with Jamal Press through Maeling.  Soon, Jamal Press became a musical mentor to him.  Later, Ms. Tapp introduced Paul to her boyfriend Murphy II.  They were acquaintances but never thought about pursuing music together.  After running into each other at a show in East Atlanta, Murphy asked Paul if he was interested in doing a song with him   and they began to correspond via twitter and email.  Paul was impressed with his musical style and told him that his friend Rashaad (Jamal Press) made beats.  Murphy invited them to the studio and that was the start of….The Chase

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  1. Gyasi

    Is so amazing when I first downloaded your song plus the interview and and I knew you guys would be great and I will continue loving you on my facebook pages and any other. Hey what stuff was Jamal going through from those CDs in your video?
    ……..THE CHASE……Always the best

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